LGI Donates €46,451.00 to Lupus Research (Oct 31, 2015)

As most of you know Lupus Group Ireland wound down “officially” as a charity in May of this year and as a result we had excess funding in our account in the sum of €46,451.00. After months of talking with researchers we have come to the decision to donate these funds directly into Lupus Research in Ireland.   In total, over the 3 years since LGI was established, we have donated in the region of €56,000.00 towards Lupus Research in the country.  Have a look a look at our video below and visit to find out more about the research that we have helped to fund.


“I would like to thank Lupus Group Ireland and everyone involved in the fundraising activities that have enabled such a fantastic contribution to the funding of much needed research into Lupus. This funding will go a long way in supporting our mission to better understand the mechanisms behind Lupus with a view to identifying new more effective drugs and aiding improved patient treatment in the clinical setting. Again thank you. We greatly appreciate your support for the work we do in investigating Lupus.” – Siobhan Smith


Please remember just because we have wound down as a charity it does not mean that we are not still here. You will find us on Twitter @ lupusgroup and we also have a private group and an open page on Facebook.