Update on Medical card eligibility based on Medical need (Nov 26, 2014)

I attended a follow up meeting today where the details of the Expert Panel report and the medical card process review carried out by Prospectus & Deloitte were released. I'm going to give a brief summary of the recommendations of these reports. The press release was after our meeting so you may have heard or seen online some of the reforms to be implemented.

The Expert Panel did not feel it was ethically possible to prioritise one medical condition over another.

They made a number of valuable recommendations some of which have now been incorporated into the review process. Although the medical card will still be primarily based on means testing they will be taking into account the medical & financial burden of the disease.

The reforms are as follows:

  • development of an enhanced assessment process taking into account the burden of the illness.
  • a strategic clinical advisory group is currently being established to develop a strategic framework for the assessment & measurement of the burden of disease.
  • a person with a terminal illness will not have their card reviewed.
  • the application process will be more transparent.
  • there will be the development of a simplified single application process for all health schemes, medical card, GP visit card, Long term illness card and drugs payment scheme.
  • the HSE will be empowered to provide therapies and aids & appliances to those requiring them even if they do not hold a medical card.
  • establishment of access points in health offices around the country to support and assist individuals in making applications.
  • establish a provision of services to children with disabilities -needs should be met on an individual basis rather than to all family members.
  • people who have a serious illness and currently hold a medical card can be reassured they will retain their card pending the implementation of these reforms.

Once I have access to the full reports I will post a link for those of you interested in reading them.

Also if anyone has any specific questions please feel free to email