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Funding (Jul 3, 2014)

In this first article I would like to address what i believe is a fundamental problem facing patients with lupus  and the current dental health care system - FUNDING . 

You and your family will know that funding for vital dental services is very difficult. There is a significant lack of information on exactly what you are entitled to .

Just to give you a brief idea of what goes on behind the scenes - If you are seeking treatment from the  HSE that is outside what is normally allowed, your dentist will need to submit a detailed letter outlining your case.

This may take some time to respond to as it is usually the principal dental officer in that area that can approve or decline this treatment.It  can take months and often declined due to lack of information , relevance and urgency of the nature of the problem and the long terms effects if not treated correctly .

The RESULT - you suffer . To help you  I have enclosed an outline that can be used by your dentist to facilitate your application.He/She can edit as appropriate according to your case which is unique. 

You can contact me on 01-6789904 or email me at info@mintclinic.ie if you wish for a editable /work or PDF format.