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Nifty Shade Of Grey – Paul Galvin To Dye His Hair for LGI (Jan 29, 2014)

Would you like to see Ireland's man in style, PAUL GALVIN, dye his locks a "nifty shade of grey" for Lupus!! If your answer was a big fat YES then all you have to do is log on to the below link and donate (no amount is too small) to Paul's mission on icharityu.com!!

If the account hits €1,000 you will be notified and then the ball is in YOUR court! YOU will have to give the thumbs up to see Paul Galvin complete his mission!! Paul will then post a video of himself as "proof" he has completed his task in hand!! However we need to reach the 1k mark to see this happen!! It’s a great bit of fun to be involved in this fundraiser while also supporting a fantastic cause! Come on get involved and let's see Paul Galvin dye his locks for lupus!