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Castle Skin Care

Castle Skin Care is a trustworthy Skin Care company; in their website you can find all information you need about various skin conditions and the best treatments available in the market today.

Here are some advices they have shared with us!


Personal Recommendation - Jessica

Bare Minerals

I was given Bare Minerals make up from a family member about 3 years ago and since I began using it I won’t go back. I use the powder concealer and powder foundation. I also use the bronzer for nights out. Bare Minerals is a completely natural product made up of naturally derived minerals.

With Bare Minerals you can put as much or as little on depending on how you feel. I tend to brush a light coat on for work and apply a heavier coat for nights out. The more you put on the more coverage you get. I do suffer with the malar rash on my cheeks fairly often and in this case I use a coat of concealer on my rash and I cover it with the Bare Minerals foundation.

For people starting off I would recommend the Bare Minerals Starter Kit so you can pick and choose what you do and don’t need. I find that it is very natural, you don’t get that “make up” feel on your skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin because of all the natural ingredients. The price is also quite reasonable!!!

An added bonus, Bare Minerals also offers an SPF foundation range for us sun sensitive Lupies!!

For further information you can visit or

Hair Tips

Struggling with your hair? Please see the video below with loads of hints and tips from Kearns Hair Salon Manager & Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan. Exclusively for Lupus Group Ireland Members!



Personal Recommendation - Jessica

Mane n’ Tail

Many people with Lupus suffer with hair loss/hair thinning and unfortunately I am one of the many who do suffer with this particular symptom of the condition. Last year I noticed my hair thinning quiet rapidly over a short period of time so I went about trying different methods to reinstate hair growth and thicken up my hair.

My hairdresser was fantastic and one of the products that she recommended was Mane n’ Tail, a horse shampoo developed for human use. I have been using this product since October 2013 and to the present date I have to say I’m fairly impressed. Everybody has commented on how much my hair has thickened and how healthy it looks. I’m delighted with the results I am seeing so far. I use both the shampoo and the condition with colour protect and I would wash my hair probably 3 -4 times a week.

You can visit the Mane n’ Tail website at were they have kindly offered LGI members a 10% discount if you order on their website. There is a customer notes section before you check out on the website and if you mention you are a member of our organisation they will deduct the 10% prior to the order been dispatched.


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